In a forest : the forest is every where

The future is fire
and the past is ice,
now is forever
dream without end.

Smags ir dzīves rats,
vieglāks tas nekļūs nekad;
ik soli veļas pāri tas,
un kauli mazliet padodas.

Ja gaidi tu vēl pārmaiņas,
velti aizlaid nopūtas;
tad labāk ganīt aitiņas
un vērpt no sapņiem asaras.

Ja meklē ellē atslēgas,
prasi velnam padomu,
un tumšākajā dziļumā
veries savā klusumā.

Verse for Tala

Sadness shows the silence behind all.
Just take her wing and go,
fly into the darkness unmoved.

The Earth is left behind and all the ages of men,
but you are still here in my heart; and I fly.

I hear bones snap and turn into stone,
but it’s not me, not me, the sadness takes!

The sadness takes all,
till all the layers of my awareness have been peeled away,
and just the view remains.

The view, the feeling of you and the silence in all –
the blackness of the star!

Verse (Castanedish, Lynchish, Daoish)

Hard is the sword,
but harder still is the unwanted truth.

And soft is the touch of a lover’s kiss,
but not as soft as the touch of sweet decay.

Beyond matter and death
is the awareness of the self:
the sword finds it not,
the decay feels it not.

Through not-doing the magician
opens the door between two worlds
and steps into the unknowable

eyes open

 Her shadow walked right past by,
and she didn’t even notice it said hi.

The shadow touched the leaves,
and the shadows of leaves danced with ease.

So she had gone from the sight,
but her shadow still played in my mind.

And the mind – it moved with ease.

Then a leaf landed, shrivelled and dry,
and I took it as a boat out of all thought.


He who walks the Earth, steps in the lion’s lair.
He who takes the skies, becomes eagle’s prey.
He who burrows deep, knows this seed
and becomes a poisonous corpse by such deed.

As the poisons work their way
the perceived forms melt
and the rising fumes from the fiery Hell signal to Heaven
a loss of a soul to the Infinite.


The Sun in my eye is shining bright.
The world is covered in Night.

The midnight bird is bracing the wild wind,
covered in a coat of clouds
it shrieks and disappears as a giant of mist.

The Sun is shining bright.
The world is covered in Night.

Dream time, together forever

The fierce Sun burns the Earth,
the fierce Sun burns as it were, as it will.
The beast observes, as then, as now.
The fierce beast, the fierce Sun,
two burning hearts, two hearths at this moment, eternally.


A tree got lost in the dark,
and no one heard its chemical call –
the tree lost itself to the dark,
and I never saw it at all.

General ref.:


I’m standing under
a warm light
feeling all the
threads unite.

My heart is whole,
a wholesome sight,
my love is yours
for endless time.


The Wind blows through the nowhere of my Self –
an empty space with no name.
I hear nothing, but maybe a passing car;
and then it’s gone. And I am;
a swirl of dust in the shape of man
pretending to have a heart.


The Sun is rising, reaching for the tips
of your hair, and suddenly
it is day again.


Black and white – charred snow
falling from a giant’s brow;
The night is old and the moon is false –
a dragon is hiding behind the clouds.

Place your bets on the heart that rests
sleeping on a devil’s breast;
The wind begins and the storm is now
approaching the gates to the woken world.


Moving like wind – low over the plains,
far below the hot, raging sky.
Moving low and gently

turning the world.